About the transition phase

In the transition phase the catalogue function of Digital is prepared for implementation. Digital Delta will become the online open platform of the water sector in the Netherlands for both public and private parties to facilitate the exchange of information. This allows for the efficiency and the quality of water management to further improve in the Netherlands. It provides business opportunities for the private sector and cost savings for the government.

Digital Delta will be developed by the transition team of Rijkswaterstaat [Dutch Public Works and Water Management] and the water boards during this phase. The transition programme that they will be implementing for this purpose consists of the following parallel tracks:

  • Establishment of cooperation, with the main objective to deliver a signed cooperation agreement between RWS [Public Works and Water Management] and water boards.
  • Implementation of management organisation within the Digital Delta programme structure, including a supported proposal for embedding the management organisation in the long-term.
  • Implementation of the platform, by means of a supported proposal on how the platform can be implemented using existing components, including a description of the interface with existing databases and private platforms and an open data policy.

Various implementation cases will be used during the transition phase:

  1. IV water safety (HWBP)
  2. Smart Water Management (including virtual window, Open Waterbeheer Rijn-West [Rijn-West Open Water Management], control tower)
  3. Netcentric work
  4. WaterDataNet with five concrete partial cases